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Tattooing clients, by law, must be above the age of 18years old, Inkd Aesthetics has the right to ask for proof of age if in doubt.


It is the clients' responsibility to advise Inkd Aesthetics of any changes that may have occurred relevant to any current, or future procedures.


Tattooing may carry the risk of permanent harm or damage to the health and safety of the client and by booking any tattooing procedure clients accept this risk.


Clients must provide all relevant information regarding any medical history or medical conditions, and disclosed any conditions or illnesses that put them, or the technician at risk, and understand that Inkd Aesthetics has the right to refuse any procedure & understand the deposit is non-refundable if the New Client / Medical form supplied via email is not filled out, and health concerns are not discussed at least 48hrs prior to their appointment(s)


Clients must be aware and acknowledge that no guarantee can be made regarding the results, and understand every skin responds & heals differently.


Clients are responsible for following ‘at home / aftercare’ using only the aftercare product advised in the aftercare kit provided and not doing so may risk infection, improper healing, scarring, or fading of pigments if not carried out fully.


Clients MUST NOT donate blood within 6 months from the day of their tattooing procedure.


Clients must understand that tattooing can be, but is not always, permanent, and the procedure(s) provided requires maintenance and will vary in longevity depending on my lifestyle and ongoing care.


In the case of Old Tattoo Correction by another artist, results cannot be guaranteed and healed results may vary when correcting previous cosmetic tattooing. Several sessions may be needed to achieve an acceptable result, and in some cases, tattoo removal may be needed depending on the client expectations and the advice of the technician.   


booking policies



Inkd Aesthetics reserves the right not to perform any tattooing procedure on anyone who is deemed an unsuitable candidate or has any of the contraindications listed on the required medical form.


Inkd Aesthetics reserves the right not to perform any tattooing procedure if the artist feels the client is over anxious, apprehensive, or their expectations are unreasonable or unachievable. In this instance the non-refundable deposit will be transferred one time only to a new date and the client will be sent home to further decide if cosmetic tattooing is for them. 


Credit card details or a non-refundable deposit must be taken to secure all appointments - No exceptions


Inkd Aesthetics has a strict cancellation policy and zero tolerance to disrespecting our time, and the time of other clients. 


GOLD COAST, A minimum of 48hrs notice is required to reschedule or make any cancellations. If 48hrs notice is not given unfortunately a cancellation fee will be charged, after a second late cancellation, full payment upfront will be required to rebook. 


MELBOURNE, As trips to Melbourne are booked and planned well ahead of time with limited availability, we do not accept last minute cancellations.

Please understand we may not be able to fill gaps at short notice, so, if an appointment needs to change or be cancelled we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. If a minimum of 72hrs notice is not received, unfortunately, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged and full payment upfront will be required to rebook.


No shows will forfeit 100% of the procedure price and will not be rebooked unless treatment is paid in full. After a second no show, the procedure will not be rebooked. 


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