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"Become aligned with your most confident self"

MEET YOUR ARTIST,  Nicky Broadway


Beginning my career as a beauty therapist in Melbourne in 2003, I then expanded my skills further into Cosmetic Tattooing in 2012, by 2024, I found myself craving for greater creative freedom which led me to pursue the art of Fineline Tattooing.

Driven by my own growth and passion to positively impact others' self-esteem and confidence, I constantly explore new avenues to enhance my unique skillset. Always hungry for knowledge, perfection and fully committed to diving in, I knew I could excel in any direction I chose to expand my talents.


I’m very passionate about aligning others with their most confident selves, and using my skills in tattooing, both Cosmetic and Fineline allows me to do that. 

Empowering clients to feel deserving and self-assured, while crafting meaningful art lights me up every single day! 

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