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A fun and interactive workshop to educate and empower real women just like you, about all things makeup.

Our classes will equip you with the skills to create natural beauty and glamour for every occasion. So, grab your girls, grab your teens and learn how to apply makeup like a pro.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use makeup more effectively, how to create a natural daytime makeup look in minutes. Perhaps what colors are best suited to you and your unique tones, how to camouflage imperfections to create a flawless look without the need to spatula it off at night. How to contour and apply eyeshadow to suit your unique features, or how to turn day into night and what tools you need - Then our workshops are perfect for you.


Using only the beautiful mineral based Jane Iredale,The Skin Care Makeup® you can rest assured knowing you are putting nothing harmful on your skin while you're experimenting with your new techniques. 



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