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Brow Sculpting | Waxing
Brow Tinting | Hybrid Dye


Restoration, Alignment, Wax, Tweeze, Trim, Lamination, Tint or Henna; Nicky will customise your experience to suit your brow goals

Welcome to the B.F.F Club! I am excited to be Brow-Friends-Forever!


In addition to offering Cosmetic Tattooing & specialty Micro-Pigmentation to enhance and create beautiful brows, Nicky also specialises in other eyebrow sculpting and restoration techniques to ensure your brows are always

'On Point'.

Your brows deserve much more than just a quick wax, so on your first visit, Nicky will take the extra time together to assess and discuss your brows, and your ultimate brow goals.



Brow Sculpt [wax, tweeze, trim, fill & style]                                                                       

Brow Sculpt & Tint                                                                

Hybrid Dye Sculpt [wax, tweeze, trim, specialty hybrid dye & style]                                   

Henna Sculpt [wax, tweeze, trim, henna & style]                                                               

Brow Lamination [includes wax, tweeze, trim & tint]                                                   



2 Week Brow tidy up                                                            

Brow Sculpt [wax, tweeze, trim, fill & style]                                                                       

Brow Sculpt & Tint                                                                

Hybrid Dye Sculpt [wax, tweeze, trim, specialty hybrid dye & style]                                   

Brow Lamination [includes wax, tweeze, trim & tint]                                                         

$   50.00
$   55.00
$   80.00
$   80.00
$ 100.00

$   20.00
$   40.00
$   45.00
$   60.00
$   90.00


What is Brow Lamination? A technique using a specialized perming system to help redirect and restructure the natural direction of the brow hair for up to 6 weeks!


Perfect to tame brows that sit flat, are unruly, wirey, or grow in a downward position to create a fuller, fluffy, defined, and more symmetrical appearance.


The ultimate adaptable brow, giving you the option to wear them structured and tamed, or brushed up and fluffy for the perfect effortless beachy brow. 

Premium Brow Services

Brow Rehab & Restoration


The ultimate rehab treatment plan for brows that have been miss shaped, over waxed, over plucked, or been in the hands of an inexperienced therapist. 


Getting your brows back into shape is a process and a team effort with the end game being to encourage new hair growth allowing us to correct the overall shape and create brows to compliment your face, balance your features, and frame those beautiful windows to the soul. 


This is not always a quick fix and can require some patience. The full restoration process can include a combination of in-salon treatments and take-home products to help support the process, taking anything from 2 treatments 6 weeks apart, up to 6 months, depending on your starting point.  

Unfortunately, there are some cases where the hair follicles have been damaged beyond restoration, and in these cases, the path of alternative brow treatments such as Cosmetic Tattooing is suggested as a separate treatment.



* Additional products needed as part of the treatment plan are not included in the treatment price.


$   70.00 (per treatment) 


Eyelash / Brow Tint

Lash Lift & Tint


Facial Waxing - Lip, Chin, Side of face or Jaw Line

$   30.00

$   80.00


$   10.00 (1 area)

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